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Slackbox in Morocco

Every human being can fulfill their dreams.
Take  the first step and start making your idea a reality with this Workation for beginners.

(Application is closing January 22th)

Join us!


Your time to start
Coworking, Coliving, Workation

  • Self-fulfillment
  • Create Routines
  • Discuss Ideas
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Consume
  • Do!

Who we are?

We are Werner and Philipp.  And Slackbox is a brain-child of ours grown out of our cumulative life stories. We planned the original Slackbox in 2016 for Lisbon; unfortunately this event did not become reality. Now in 2017 Werner is creating Slackbox Morocco! He is working hard to grow and adapt for this new event in order to facilitate a livly and productive environment. He is joined this year by his girlfriend.


Application process is open. Once the process is closed (around mid-January) we will review all applicants and then reach out to potential participants. At this time we will discuss the dates and specific location.

The plan for this year is to rent a house on the Atlantic cost with Airbnb. This rental could be for a couple of days or weeks, depending on availabiliity and wants of the participants. This event will take place between February and March, please indicate in your application the dates you are available.


Do you think this could be interesting for you, but still have some questions? Feel free to message us, we love questions!


What is Slackbox?

You have a dream. It is an amazing idea. You really, really want to build on it, make it happen. You have energy and motivation, but then …

Something is not working out. You have no time, you have a family to take care of or maybe your ‘9-5’ job. Your 40+ week is so busy. And when you are not busy you feel more like relaxing than working, you can’t get your mind to focus on your great idea. You just can’t find space and motivation. Maybe you feel like you need some peers to support you with the first steps or maybe this great dream gets pushed to the back of your mind, half forgotten.

Does this seem familiar? Have you become a slackbox? Than you are in the right place! Let us work together to fight procrastination.

We want to give you the right environment to finally start (or continue). A week to put in some hard work on your project. We want to give you the motivation, the space and support to work on the projects your really love and let them grow to the next level.

How does it work?

That is completely up to you. We offer you an environment and it is for you, and the other participants, to utilize the space. You will not be alone. In the evenings (or mornings) we will have skillshare workshops and during the first day or two we will host a barcamp to get the ball rolling.

What is a barcamp? A barcamp is a pop-up conference type event when participants can work together on common interests and share knowledge. This is an opportunity to get to know te fellow participants and learn what each member has to offer. It is also a chance to find peers to collaborate with!  We will also use this time to organize the following days.

The truth is, you don’t need a lot to start. You might have 90% of what you need already. It is not the lack of time, money or tools. All you need is  a little space and motivation to start.

We believe that everybody can create something important for our society if given the opportunity. Every sucess story can provide inspiration to make others happier, more succesfull or elevate some aspect of their lives. By supporting each other on an individual level we are better able to help our larger community and help make this world a better place.

Are you interested now? We know there are still some unanswered questions but this is a good thing! It gives us room to adapt and grow to the needs and expectations of the group. We want to use this time together to create a community that continues beyond Slackbox Morocco to help each other on our individual and communal endeavors.


The retreat will take in February or March of 2017. The exact dates will be agreed under the participants.

We will be a group between 4 and 10 people.

Maybe we also get a rental car, depending on our needs.

The organizers will be in Morocco from January so we will have plenty of time to prepare everything there.

As it is a workation we will have to define how much we want to work and how much is holiday.

The location for our Airbnb will be somewhere on the Atlantic coast where it should have around 20°C at this time.


Individuals will be expected to pay for flights and transportation to and from our agreed location. We will equally share the price of the Airbnb + €5 per day for each person to buy food and other small necessities. We will cook vegetarian meals together. Since this is a collaborative project rather than a paid retreat, each participant is expected to take care of the appartment together and understand that the organization is a work in progress rather than a planned out schedule.
This retreat is not created to make profit, it should more be a nice get together of interesting people.


The application is not binding.

Application will be open until mid-January. If you don't want to decide right now, sign up for the newsletter and get information about this and upcoming events in your post box.